Reference  Books


 1. Wings to the Orient        Stan Cohen        (E)
2. China Clipper               Ronald Jackson   (E)
3. An American Saga         Robert Daley      (E)
4. Sky Gods (Fall of PA)     Robert Gandt      (E)
5. American Icarus (Rise and Fall) J. Robinson (E)
6. PA's First Lady              Betty S. Trippe    (E)
7. Fasten Your Seat Belt    Valerie Lester     (E)
8. The Sky Pirates              James Arey        (E)
9. Cross Winds                   Najeeb Halaby      (E)
10. The Chosen Instrument  M. Bender          (E)
11. PA's Ocean Clipper         Bary Taylor        (E)
12. Pictorial History of PA     John Taylor       (E)
13. The Early Birds                L. Mahoney       (E)
14. The Fall of PA103            S. Tomerson     (E)
15. Airline's Rapid Decent       B. Peterson      (E)
16. Pan Am and Its Aircraft     R. Davis            (E)
17. 消された飛行艇        R. Jackson        (J)
18. エアライン                          A. Sampson       (J)
19. 転身                                              高橋文子
20. 消滅                            高橋文子
21. 乗客の皆様ようこそ空へ                 村田貞彦
22. PA World Horizon                  1960/72/80/82
23. PA Ski Horizon                                     1960
24. PA Guide to USA                                   1960
25. PA Guide to China                                         
 26. PA Guide to Hawaii/Orient                       1970
27. PA Guide to the Big Apple                          (J)
28. PA Safari Guide                                      1968
29. PA Lovejoy's College - USA                             
30. PA Menu Translator - Europe                           
31. PA International Flying Gourmet Book               
32. PA Trade with China                                        
33. Hawaiian Holidays           Readers Digest        (J)
34. 巨人機物語                           航空情報誌
35. Wings for the World                                  IATA
36. Pedigree of Champion Boeing Co.                      
37. Poster Art - Airlines                        D. Thomas
38. A Room with a World View                          IHC
39. China Guide                                         Linbads
40. The Glory of Flight                                 Phillip
 41. Global Reach                            John D. Lukacs


Pan Am (1927 〜1991)