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In its 60 year History,
Pan Am has employed the globe symbol in three of its four logos.

Pan American Airways の最初のロゴは、矢印の

The first logo, used for only one year, had an arrow design.


In 1928, the first globe logo depicted only the southern tip of the United States and Latin America.

1944年には、地球全体を表示したロゴに変わります。世界に翼を広げようとしている会社に相応しいものとなりました。正式社名をPan American World Airways, Inc.に改めたのは、1950年のことでした。

The company officially changed its name from Pan American Airways to Pan American World Airways, Inc. in 1950.The subsequent introduction of the full globe as the company's trademark symbolized Pan Am's worldwide operations. 

尾翼には競争会社のTWA, KLM, BOACとおなじように、イニィシャルである PAA が使われていました。他社と違った、即座に認識されるロゴとして、当時社員、顧客に親しく使われていたニックネームである Pan AmをPan American World Airwaysに代わる社名として採用。

The name change from Pan American World Airways to the shortened "Pan Am" that appeared in the logo, was also designed in the interests of instant recognition. Pan Am had been using the initials, PAA, on the tail of its aircraft. But so were a number of other airlines, such as TWA, KLM and BOAC using their initials. The Airline's employees and customers had used the Pan Am nickname for years. And that was the name officially adopted, although the company's formal name remained, Pan American World Airways, Inc.

Full implementation of the name and logo began in 1958 as Pan Am's fleet of Boeing 707s came on line, sporting a new white paint scheme. The words "Pan American" remained painted on the fuselage until the introduction of the 747, when the fuselage name was also shortened to Pan Am. The newer, tall letter livery, with "Pan Am" in blue along the fuselage, accompanied the introduction of the Airbus A300.

Source: The Clipper Newspaper